by Dr. Yelena Glinka, PhD, Research Scientist  (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Recently I got important evidence that the turmeric cream has more applications than just skin care. I badly bruised my knee and it was swollen and hot. Dr. Toulina advised me to apply the turmeric cream, manufactured by Toulison Nutraceutical Inc. Strikingly, pain sensation was canceled within a minute. But this was not all: the swelling started shrinking very quickly. The anticipated blue spot just did not appear on the bruised site. When the pain re-appeared, I just applied more cream and immediately forgot about my trauma. I had a chance to compare the pain-relieving effect of the turmeric cream with Thompson calendula cream containing comfrey and arnica. Calendula cream did not relieve the pain in my knee for 1 hour, but turmeric cream applied after it silenced the pain sensation within a minute.

Other observations: the same cream heals the pain in varicose veins and helps to relieve neuralgia or muscle stiffness. It also helps keep joints affected by osteoarthritis painless.

This cream, in its modified formulation, notably bleached a pigmented skin spot and rapidly reduced the volume of a black mole, which was at least 1 mm above the skin level before the cream application. The effect became visible after two applications, within two days.

Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc. has performed extensive field trials for our various company products.  Dr. Yelena Glinka PhD is one of our field trial participants. Dr. Glinka is a Senior Research Scientist, with a long research career based on extensive expertise in different areas of science. Today, we are very proud to share Dr. Glinka’s feedback about our products, which is listed below.


My experience with Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc. Products

I am very grateful to Dr. Anna Toulina for the opportunity over the past few months to test the new cosmetic products of her company. Among others, I tried Aloe Vera Eye Cream, Baobab Extract Facial Cream, Centaurea Cyanus Night Cream, Coconut Day Cream, Gingko Biloba Sunscreen Day Cream, Turmeric Healing Facial and Acne Cream, and Hair Growth Enhancer Lotion.

There is something in common between all products from this company: it is Dr. Toulina’s passion for natural goodness. This passion drives her to select the best and most safe ingredients. She meticulously tests all of them in the lab and collects all the relevant scientific information. Nothing potentially suspicious can find its way into her products even if it is a commonly used ingredient, preservative, emulsifier, etc.

My experience with the Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc. products is very positive; it is 10 out of 10 points. I am willing to share it with the audience. Here are some observations:

Turmeric Healing Facial and Acne Cream: My skin regained its vivid color, which I thought I have lost forever. I do not use any decorative cosmetics, such as foundation, shades, powder, mascara, lipstick, so the natural color of my skin is an essential part of my attraction. Turmeric night cream became my basic cream and I really love it.

Even by comparison with this really good cream, Centaurea Cyanus Night Cream was able to further improve my skin even on this background by adding an unusual silky feeling of my skin.

Aloe Vera Eye Cream notably decreased the eye puffiness. This is the only cream in my experience that actually does this, while the others just claim they do without visible outcome.

I have to add several words about the innovative hair revitalizing product, Hair Growth Enhancer Lotion. Quite often our hair reveals our barbarian practices of handling them. We use chemical dyes and harsh shampoos, which claim (of course!) that they are safe and revitalizing. As a result, our head looks often like a hay stack. This deprives us of our natural beauty, our healthy lustrous hair, the great attraction from ancient times to nowadays.

Healthy hair needs a healthy skull skin to feed it. My skin is usually very dry. Recently it became also itchy, irritated, with some painful spots. The hair also became quite rigid and lost normal shiny outlook resulting in split ends. The Hair Growth Enhancer Lotion has an incredible soothing effect on the skin. I spray it on the roots only, but my hair becomes soft, more manageable, and shiny.

It is difficult to compare many good things because they tend to overshadow each other. I highly recommend all of the creams tested by myself. After using multiple products, I could not identify any concerns or side effects. I believe that any user, who wants to entrust her/his skin to nature, will realize the natural goodness of these products and will be able to select what is the best for her/himself from the wide variety and selection that Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc. offers to their customers.

Dr. Yelena Glinka, PhD

Toronto, Ontario, Canada




I have suffered from short-term memory issues for many years. In 1995 I hit black ice on the highway during a freak ice storm, slid off the road and flipped the car 5 times while rolling down a large hill. For the next few months after the accident my short-term memory degraded rapidly.

Early in December 2017, during discussions with Dr. Toulina, we identified a potential opportunity to use various ingredients that Dr. Toulina had tested to create a memory boosting supplement. Dr. Toulina performed detailed research and then just after New Year developed a formulation of nutraceutical based memory boosting supplement for testing. Starting in January, both Dr. Toulina and I have been participants in an internal on-going trial to test out and fine tune the new product formulation.

Personal Comments: a) The new Toulison Nuntraceuticals Inc. Memory supplement has provided me with memory flashes. These flashes give me the quality of memory that I had before the car crash. These flashes started 1 week after starting the trial and initially occurred intermittently, but increased in occurrence over time. b) I am now able to easily recall combination of numbers that I previously had to write down. c) I no longer arrive at a destination only to find I could not remember what I wanted to obtain. d) I have not experienced any side effects that would affect other functions of my body from taking this supplement. e) Since starting to take this natural supplement my long time fussy stomach problem has gone away.

We are in continuation of our memory boosting supplement trial and will announce the product upon completion of this trial. However, we invite you to visit our website to view our existing products.

regards Robert Harrison

“I am very pleased with the skin care products from COHL, that I have been using for almost one year. There are a few things that make them different from the creams that one can buy in a regular cosmetic store.  First of all, they absorb very quickly, leaving no oily residues. They moisturize skin very well. There is no urge to reapply more cream during the day, as the skin does not lose its softness.  The creams are very light and not heavily fragranced; the latter is especially important for those who have keen senses and cannot handle strong smells. Although everything I tried has worked well on my skin, I have three personal favourites: the eye cream, the turmeric daily cream and the olive night cream.

1) The eye cream has noticeably reduced the puffiness around my eyes. The skin looks more lifted and firm.

2) The turmeric daily cream provides all that the skin can ask for, as it moisturizes, protects and refreshes. As coverage, I usually use the CC (colour correction)  cream, from another company.  Although this kind of a makeup product is significantly lighter to wear than an ordinary foundation, it used to give me the uncomfortable feeling of dryness and even heaviness. Luckily, the turmeric cream has turned out as a solution to my problem. After I started using it daily, I stopped “feeling” my CC cream. I can also say that I no longer use it as much CC cream as the texture of my skin has improved. The olive cream, the third one to be mentioned, works nicely during the night. It is super light, yet very powerful.  It moisturizes very well, leaving my skin feeling soft and revitalized. I highly recommend everyone to try the products of this company. Not only do they really work, but also they are 100% natural. Nowadays, we are slowly but surely switching ourselves back to the Mother Nature. It is hard not to consider her a trusted beautician, for, after all, if it was not for her; there would not be any life on this planet. Wishing all of you stay healthy and beautiful!”

3) The olive night cream, works nicely during the night. It is super light, yet very powerful.  It moisturizes very well, leaving my skin feeling soft and revitalized.

I highly recommend everyone to try the products from this company. Not only do they really work, but also they are 100% natural. Nowadays, we are slowly but surely switching ourselves back to the Mother Nature. It is hard not to consider her a trusted beautician, for, after all, if it was not for her; there would not be any life on this planet. Wishing all of you stay healthy and beautiful!”

Vicky, Toronto

Hello Dr. Anna Toulina,

My name is Anuj Agarwal and I am the Founder of Feedspot.

I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog The Community of Holistic Living Inc. has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Holistic Blogs on the web.

I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 100 Holistic Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

Best regards,


Hello Anna,

Hope you are well & enjoying this lovely day. Here are my thoughts on a few of your creams.

• Vitamin “C” Night Cream

– Very nice scent (smells like oranges).

– Light, smooth texture.

– Absorbs into skin quickly.


• Aloe Eye Cream

– Rich, creamy texture.

– Long lasting – lasts all day/night.

– Best eye cream ever .. reduces not only dark circles, but puffiness too !

– This will be the only eye cream I will ever use.


• Body Butter

– Nice light texture.

– Absorbs quickly into skin.

Regards Pattie


Between May 14 thru 19, 2017 Rev. Robert Harrison (V.P. of COHL Inc.) had the pleasure of attending the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) Live Retreat 2017, in Kauai Hawaii. During this 5 days event, Robert participated in many activities, exercises and field trips. Throughout the week Robert was able to share with wide range of people. Below are is a copy of the feedback comments that were electronically sent to Robert.

Note: The Attendees comments are listed in alphabetic order by name, as they are all equally important.

Mark Januszewski (Hawaii, USA) –  MKE LIVE RETREAT HOST / ORGANIZER

“Stand tall and let your light shine, it’s beautiful. You were amazing here. Just loved how you pushed yourself. Keep reaching, keep stretching… it inspires.”

Davene Grant Januszewski (Hawaii, USA) –  MKE LIVE RETREAT HOST / ORGANIZER

Robert, I hope you know the major impact you had on this event!! Your courage, tenacity, love, heart, and to many other adjectives to name, shined so brightly this week and you gave all of us permission to shine as bright as you – you are a gift to the world and to us! #MKELive #KauaiLiveEvent”

Amanda Pedro (Massachusett, USA) – MKE Live Retreat Attendee

“Robert. You had a huge impact on me and helped me to release so much fear that I have been carrying around for years. Your courage and strength truly guided me and I am very grateful for your openness and honesty!”

Cherylan Hilskemper (California, USA) – MKE Live Retreat Attendee

“Robert, I will never forget when you shared with a small group of us, how you wrote that tribute book for Brenda’s dad. The way you expressed yourself was so moving that the whole group of us had tears in our eyes from your story.”
“Keep sharing your experiences. I am loving reading about them. It’s as if we are still having those conversations while sitting at an outdoor table somewhere on the island” of Kauai.

Dr. Claes Wallenberg, DN (Sweden) – MKE Live Retreat Hiking Guide

“Robert is a special man that I met in Kauai, Hawaii at the MKE Live Event. And he really made an impression on me.”

Dr. Joy Schricker, DC (Vemont, USA) – MKE Live Retreat Attendee

“Robert, please be open to receive all the love and support for all the changes you made at the retreat! You gave more than you know! You offered the truth of your soul to all of us. That was HUGE!!!! You touched us all so much! Your contribution was not small, courage and vulnerability in the group allowed us all to trust and grow with you! Big Hugs, Joy”

Kajean  Secord Bennett (Michigan, USA) – MKE Live Retreat Attendee

“The Kauai Live event was truly an amazing experience and has changed me to the very core. So great to have finally have met you Robert! We have so much in common and it was wonderful to share my thoughts and experiences with you; my only regret is that I did not get to spend more time with you.”

Kay Beam (Minnesota, USA) – MKE Live Retreat Attendee

“Robert! Hope that you know how much you impacted everyone in a good way. Hope we can keep in touch and keep us posted – love to hear how your dream is coming alive.”

It is an honour and a privilege to share how Rev. Robert Harrison has impacted my life both professionally and personally. Robert came into my life when I was a very green executive director of the not-for-profit organization start-up organization called Addiction Free Youth (AFY). Through Roberts dedication and mentorship; he took a fledgling organization and helped me create various business oriented structures. His assistance revolved around:  Assisting with executive mentorship, assisted in the development of a Strategic plan, a Business Plan, Corporate Operations Manual for this Not-for-Profit organization, sourcing volunteer(s) to facilitate development of corporate and operational manuals, creation of effective booking policies and procedures and assisting with specific targeted fund raising, i.e. via the Rotary Club. Robert also taught me how to secure funding and he then put me in contact with his personal contacts. His excessive hours of tireless tutelage for AFY, over two year period of 2013 thru 2014, were beyond measure. During our 2 years working close together at AFY, I also came to learn that Robert has been an exceptional volunteer in many organizations, with a volunteer career spanning over 40 years.

I commend Robert on every level for being a caring, generous human being, who has changed the lives of many people. In conclusion, please be aware that I am a better person professionally and personally as a result of being associated with Rev. Robert Edward Harrison.

Cindy Lorraine Harris
– (Past) Executive Director: Addiction Free Youth

I have used two  creams from Dr. Toulina’s Silver Collection and this is my feedback about them.

Day Cream with Calendula Extract

– Very creamy texture

– Pleasant scent

– Made my skin feel very soft & smooth

– I applied it in the morning & it lasted all day

Avocado Night Cream

– Thick & creamy

– Feels very good when applying it to the face

– Very rich – lasts till morning

I would definitely use both products again.

Pattie Freeman

I worked with Dr. Anna Toulina, MD, PhD in the area of cancer research, within a research project at  St. Michael’s Hospital  in 2007. I remember that happy mood of coming close to a scientific discovery and touching it.  Anna and I truly  believed that our work might bring new hope to cancer patients, and this fueled our enthusiasm. Anna is always eager to reach out to people to help and support them. Anna is a caring person and a talented scientist.

Dr. Yelena Glinka, PhD

Research Scientist: St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada