COHL and TNI have recently made an arrangement with a cooperative enterprise in Germany to grow the ingredients for our natural products. This collective is composed of a group of properties run by a family with 25+ years experience in growing quality herbs. The enterprise located in an area nicknamed “the green heart of Germany” (das grüne Herz Deutschlands) for its dense forests and clean air.

The collective has also been designing and producing high-quality herbal teas for local consumption. In the nearest future, TNI will be marketing these amazing teas worldwide via our website.

Below are a few pictures showing the items that are ready for harvesting, as well as the material sorting process.

Picture-1: Cornflower


Picture-2: Lavender

Picture-3: Birch Tree

Picture-4: Ginkgo Biloba Tree

Picture-5: Material sorting and preparation


On February 15, 2018, Dr. Toulina gave me the Toulison Nutraceuticals newly developed product, called Hair Growth Enhancer (HGE) liquid to try, as I was complaining about an increased hair loss. I had noticed a fair amount of hair on my pillow, in my hairbrush, on my computer keyboard, in my car and in my winter hat. In addition to that, my hair was receding, which concerned me, as my mother’s father was completely bald.

I started applying the HGE daily, usually near the end of the day. At first, I applied a conservative amount to the scalp area (three squirts in three locations). I rubbed the mixture into the scalp and around, where the hair projects from the scalp. Within a few days, I noticed that the treated hair started to feel softer, less dry and brittle and had a shiny presentation. After getting the first positive results, I increased the amount of sprays, to obtain full coverage. I also removed all hair from my winter hat to be able to collect and calculate the amount of hair loss. Few weeks later, I thought that I noticed that the colour of my hair was starting to change. I monitored this for a few more weeks, and it became obvious that this was my natural colour coming back. As I had a full head of light grey to white hair for more than 10 years, the colour return is slow; but it is continuing to return. This is a huge win, as not only my hair feels and looks better, but it is also regaining its youthful appearance.

After obtaining the above-mentioned benefits, I used this product to reduce hair loss and possibly stimulate new hair growth. After 2 months of using the Hair Growth Enhancer liquid, and upon review of my winter hat and other areas, I can confirm that I am losing very, very little hair (less than 90 strands in 2 months). My hair has also become stronger and healthier. I have not noticed any new hair growth in the areas where receding had already occurred. But because I am in my 60’s and have been using this product for only 2 months, I can definitely say that I have gained more benefits from this product than I had expected.

Regards, Robert Harrison

Photos after 2 months of Treatment application (natural colour starting to return)

I have suffered from short-term memory issues for many years. In 1995 I hit black ice on the highway during a freak ice storm, slid off the road and flipped the car 5 times while rolling down a large hill. For the next few months after the accident my short-term memory degraded rapidly.

Early in December 2017, during discussions with Dr. Toulina, we identified a potential opportunity to use various ingredients that Dr. Toulina had tested to create a memory boosting supplement. Dr. Toulina performed detailed research and then just after New Year developed a formulation of nutraceutical based memory boosting supplement for testing. Starting in January, both Dr. Toulina and I have been participants in an internal on-going trial to test out and fine tune the new product formulation.

Personal Comments: a) The new Toulison Nuntraceuticals Inc. Memory supplement has provided me with memory flashes. These flashes give me the quality of memory that I had before the car crash. These flashes started 1 week after starting the trial and initially occurred intermittently, but increased in occurrence over time. b) I am now able to easily recall combination of numbers that I previously had to write down. c) I no longer arrive at a destination only to find I could not remember what I wanted to obtain. d) I have not experienced any side effects that would affect other functions of my body from taking this supplement. e) Since starting to take this natural supplement my long time fussy stomach problem has gone away.

We are in continuation of our memory boosting supplement trial and will announce the product upon completion of this trial. However, we invite you to visit our website to view our existing products.

regards Robert Harrison

Dear Friends,

As you most likely are aware, The Community of Holistic Living Inc. (COHL) owns and operates a daughter company created for the manufacturing of our in-house designed and produced lines of high-quality products. This company is called Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc.

Within a very short time period,  Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc. (TNI) will open its new product oriented website. This website will work along with the original COHL website to provide our participants with a complete package of holistic solutions. 

Note: All Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc. products are designed and medically tested using internationally accepted medical research tests. All tests are performed to strict guidelines by our own medical research scientist Dr. Anna Toulina, MD, PhD – Co-Founder and President of COHL & Co-Founder and President of Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc.

Future Development: Other additions to COHL’s family of Toulison companies are also being considered, such as Toulison Training and Toulison Enlightenment Publishing. All in order to provide our participants with a complete offering of quality holistic solutions.

When at a Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) retreat in Kauai Hawaii, Rev. Robert Harrison (V.P. of COHL Inc.) was able to meet and spent time with Dr. Claes Wallenberg, DN. Dr. Wallenberg is a Doctor of Naprapathy (DN) from Sweden, an avid hiker having hiked at various locations around the world, and extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and dieting. During the MKMMA retreat, Claes was nice enough to take a group of MKMMA people on a 8 mile long hike on the Kalalau Trial, up into the mountains off of the Napali Coast. The hike started at Ke’e Beach and took us 4 miles in to Hanakapi’ai Falls (an amazing waterfall) and then 4 miles back to the Ke’e Beach. It was an energetic 8 hour hike, not counting time to swim and have lunch near the waterfall. Earlier in the week, Claes took our group for a hike to see the Waimea Canyon, from above, also an amazing trip. During these trips, Claes provided guidance on hiking, as well as nutrition for a healthy life style and nutrition for hiking and demanding activities. It was a tremendous experience to travel such wonderful geography with an experienced and educational/informative guide. I found Claes to be a highly informed person in many areas, and he lives what he talks, which shows in the physical abilities and dexterity.

To obtain amazing information about hiking and nutrition access Claes’ website:

Introduction with Dr. Claes Wallenberg, DN

The Hanakapi’ai Falls

Our Hiking Group (left to right): Rev. Vince Nelson, Bethany Williams, Dr. Claes Wallenberg, Jonathan  Davis, Rev. Robert Harrison, Armelle Gros, Troy Drugstad, Greg Boek and Brittany Martinez.


Napali Coast Trail                                         Napali Coast Trail


Napali Coast Trail                             Napali Coast Trail


Waimea Canyon ridge hike                                                 Waimea Canyon ridge hike

During a COHL business meeting discussing COHL and its future products, Robert Harrison (V.P. of COHL) mentioned to Dr. Toulina (President of COHL), that he was concerned about the bags under his eyes and how they made him look much older than he was. Dr. Toulina mentioned that she had developed a recipe for an eye area skin  rejuvenating cream, using all natural ingredients. At this point, Robert (age 62) offered to run an extended trial with this new, all natural, holistic eye skin cream. A test batch of the cream was produced and the trial commenced on January 05, 2017.

Robert ran the trial for 36 days, by applying a conservative amount of the cream under each eye every night just before going to bed. Below are pictures of Robert just before the trial commenced, and at the 36 day mark. Due to the success of the trial, Robert continues to use this cream daily.










As Robert has never used any form of facial cream before, we decided to re-run the trial with a independent third party, who was experienced with facial creams, i.e. an Ontario hospital medical research scientist, known to COHL. The feedback from this second extended trial produced extremely similar results.

We all know that the eye area skin is very soft and vulnerable and is easily affected by environmental exposure and various contaminants. We also know that there are lots of products in the market for this delicate area of skin. However, most of these products are only remedies that provide a momentary or short lasting effect. In other words, they offer a temporary mechanical tightening of the eye area skin, which requires application every time you want to obtain results.

In comparison, Dr. Toulina’s eye area skin rejuvenating cream is based on rejuvenating effect accomplished due to improving/optimizing skin cells metabolism. That is why the effect we witness in our trials was 100% physiological and long lasting. In summary, Dr. Toulina’s eye area skin rejuvenating cream serves as a stimulant by delivering the essential compounds for healthy looking, glowing skin.

Due to the success of our trials, Dr. Tolina’s new Eye Area Skin Rejuvenating Cream has been recently added to our high priority list of skin products to be manufactured and distributed via the COHL manufacturing division: Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc.

Since mid January 2017, twice a day Robert Harrison V.P. of The Community of Holistic Living Inc. (E-mail: ROBERT@COHLINC.COM) has been drinking a specifically modified instant (weight loss oriented) coffee formulation. The coffee comes in a box of 24 individual foil packets and is available in one of two different formulations:  Dark Brazilian Roast or Italian Roast.

Other than drinking the weight loss coffee there has been very little changes. Robert still eats whatever and whenever he wants and enjoys snacks like ice cream. An interesting side benefit of the coffee is that it seems to have a mild appetite suppressant. The coffee provided Robert with beneficial easy to handle results over time, without any abnormal food cravings.  During Robert’s trial, he was drinking the Dark Brazilian Roast.

By 2017-05-02 Robert has lost 24 pounds.

Note: He took a break from drinking the products in June and started to gain a little weight. In July he restarted the program.

To-date (2017-08-14) Robert has lost a total of 34 pounds, from his original 220 lbs down to 186 lbs.

If you are interesting in finding out more about this coffee and other weight loss or immune boosting products, please contact Robert via his E-mail address: ROBERT@COHLINC.COM

Have a great day.

Dr. Steven Gundry, MD had many amazing credential behind himself. He was a world renown Heart Surgeon with 30+ years experience. He, and his colleague Dr. Leonard L. Bailey, MD, had performed more pediatric heart surgeries than anyone else in the world. He was the Head of Cariothoracid Surgery at California’s Loma Linda University Medical Center. And lastly, Dr. Gubdtr is a published author. Yet in 2002 Dr. Gundry left his position at the University and profession as a heart surgeon, when he realized that heart surgery was not the best solution for resolving people heart issues.

Since leaving Loma Linda University Medical Center, Dr. Gundry founded The Center for Restorative Medicine and then Gundry MD.  Dr. Gundry then spent last 14 years studying the human microbiome – and developing the principles of Holobiotics that have since changed the lives of countless men and women. With an amazing amount of advanced knowledge gained, Dr. Gundry is focused on  teaching patients how to live healthier lives through diet and lifestyle choices. His ultimate vision is to help people avoid the kind of surgeries he performed for over three decades.

Due the tremendous success of his new techniques in resolving heart related issues, Dr. Gundy has a 6 month waiting list of clients. In order to help more people, he created an information video and a supplement system that resolves some of the issues heart patients can encounter. Dr. Gundy also identified 3 super foods that are toxic to humans.

To gain more understanding, please read Dr. Gundry’s book: Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution Ebook or  Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution, or watch Dr. Gundry introduction video by copying the following link into your computer’s browser:

This evening (2017-02-27) the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, held a reception in honour of the People of the First Nation within Ontario, and the volunteers that were work diligently to assist the First Nations people in Ontario. COHL was invited to attend this event, due to their assistance of Rotary Club Etobicoke. COHL assisted in organizing volunteers, who sorting 22 tons of donated hockey equipment to be trucked and air lifted to a number of remote communities within Northern Ontario.

It was a lovely evening dedicated to honouring First Nation and volunteers, strengthening existing friendship and  development of new friendship and contacts.

 Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell welcomes guests and honours First Nations.

 First Nation Elder Danny Beaton (of Brantford) says prayer to Mother Earth.

 First Nation Elder Danny Beaton plays song to honour our women.

Rev. Robert Harrison chats with the Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell.

Rev. Robert Harrison meets Elder Danny Beaton (Centre) and Chief Friday of Kasheshewan (right).

Friend of COHL, Chevalier Gerald Lue of Rotary Club Etobicoke (left) meets with Elder Beaton and Chief Friday.


       Dr. Anna Toulina & Rev. Robert Harrison meets with Mr. Bryan Baeumler

Bryan is a Gemini award winning TV Host with viewers across Canada and the Unites States. Mr. Baeumler has hosted TV shows for over seven years, such as: House of Bryan, Disaster DIY, and Leave it to Bryan.

On House of Bryan, fans watched in record-numbers as Bryan built a custom 3,500 square foot home for his family. On Disaster DIY, Bryan waged war on building shortcuts and taught well-intentioned DIY-ers how to bring their renovations back on track with a little tough love and a lot of humour. In his latest show, Leave it to Bryan, the veteran contractor helps reno-hungry homeowners prioritize the room they need, over the renovation they want.

Mr. Baeumler is well educated with a degree in Political Science and Business, and he was heading towards a career of practicing law. Realizing he’d rather be renovating than be chained to a desk, his innate passion for building took over and he traded in his tie for a tool belt and founded his contracting company Baeumler Quality Construction. Bryan has now built the ‘Baeumler Brand’ to include Baeumler Construction, Baeumler Approved, Baeumler Productions, Baeumler Media, and the newly launched Baeumler Family Foundation for Kids. Each and every one of his companies prides itself on professionalism, respect, and quality workmanship. A few years and several hit TV seasons later, Bryan’s tackling even more projects than ever – and loving every moment of it!

Mr. Baeumler has a holistic design perspective married with a high quality philosophy, whether it be his business concepts, his work ethics or his work performed. As such, it was great pleasure for COHL to meet and talk with Mr. Baeumler.