• Dr. Claes Wallenberg, DN – Revolutionize Your Health

COHL is happy to announce a collaboration with Dr. Clase Wallenberg of Sweden. Dr. Wallenberg is a specialist in pain management and has operated the Better and Better clinic in Stockholm Sweden for over 20 years. Dr. Wallenberg is also the developer of a new program to assist individuals in improving the state of the health and well being.

Dr. Wallenberg’s new program is called Revolutionize Your Health and is presented as a 2-day long conference-style interactive training course or as a 4 part internet-based program. The intent of the program is to 1) Education attendees about the various aspects that affect their health, 2) Education attendees as to how they can take charge to improve their health, 3) Assist each attendee in developing a personal health improvement plan that they can implement after the sessions have completed. 4) Educate the attendees as how to adjust their personalized health improvement plan, as things change within their life. COHL is working with Dr. Wallenberg to present this amazing course within Canadian.

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