ANNOUNCEMENT: COHL’s Product Website is LIVE!!!!


The Management of The Community of Holistic Living ( would like to inform you that today we have activated our new product sales and distribution website: WWW.TOULISON.COM

This site provides information and an order processing system for our various lines of in-house developed, tested and manufactured high-quality natural products.

All of our products were researched, designed and tested by our own in-house medical research scientist Dr. Anna Toulina, MD, PhD.  As such, all products are supported by our research data and research white papers, as well as in-house product trials and product field trial studies.

COHL and it’s daughter company, Toulison Nutraceuticals Inc., (which is wholly owned by COHL) are dedicated to developing and producing high-quality products to enhance your life.  All of our in-house developed products use individually tested natural components, which were tested by Dr. Anna Toulina before utilizing them within each specific product design.

We invite you to visit our site and review the products and information provided.  And start the journey of pampering your body, while enhancing your health with natural based products.

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