• Cindy Harris – (Richmond Hill, Canada) – Mentoring

It is an honour and a privilege to share how Rev. Robert Harrison has impacted my life both professionally and personally. Robert came into my life when I was a very green executive director of the not-for-profit organization start-up organization called Addiction Free Youth (AFY). Through Roberts dedication and mentorship; he took a fledgling organization and helped me create various business oriented structures. His assistance revolved around:  Assisting with executive mentorship, assisted in the development of a Strategic plan, a Business Plan, Corporate Operations Manual for this Not-for-Profit organization, sourcing volunteer(s) to facilitate development of corporate and operational manuals, creation of effective booking policies and procedures and assisting with specific targeted fund raising, i.e. via the Rotary Club. Robert also taught me how to secure funding and he then put me in contact with his personal contacts. His excessive hours of tireless tutelage for AFY, over two year period of 2013 thru 2014, were beyond measure. During our 2 years working close together at AFY, I also came to learn that Robert has been an exceptional volunteer in many organizations, with a volunteer career spanning over 40 years.

I commend Robert on every level for being a caring, generous human being, who has changed the lives of many people. In conclusion, please be aware that I am a better person professionally and personally as a result of being associated with Rev. Robert Edward Harrison.

Cindy Lorraine Harris
– (Past) Executive Director: Addiction Free Youth

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