• MKE Live Retreat 2017 – Feedback

Between May 14 thru 19, 2017 Rev. Robert Harrison (V.P. of COHL Inc.) had the pleasure of attending the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) Live Retreat 2017, in Kauai Hawaii. During this 5 days event, Robert participated in many activities, exercises and field trips. Throughout the week Robert was able to share with wide range of people. Below are is a copy of the feedback comments that were electronically sent to Robert.

Note: The Attendees comments are listed in alphabetic order by name, as they are all equally important.

Mark Januszewski (Hawaii, USA) –  MKE LIVE RETREAT HOST / ORGANIZER

“Stand tall and let your light shine, it’s beautiful. You were amazing here. Just loved how you pushed yourself. Keep reaching, keep stretching… it inspires.”

Davene Grant Januszewski (Hawaii, USA) –  MKE LIVE RETREAT HOST / ORGANIZER

Robert, I hope you know the major impact you had on this event!! Your courage, tenacity, love, heart, and to many other adjectives to name, shined so brightly this week and you gave all of us permission to shine as bright as you – you are a gift to the world and to us! #MKELive #KauaiLiveEvent”

Amanda Pedro (Massachusett, USA) – MKE Live Retreat Attendee

“Robert. You had a huge impact on me and helped me to release so much fear that I have been carrying around for years. Your courage and strength truly guided me and I am very grateful for your openness and honesty!”

Cherylan Hilskemper (California, USA) – MKE Live Retreat Attendee

“Robert, I will never forget when you shared with a small group of us, how you wrote that tribute book for Brenda’s dad. The way you expressed yourself was so moving that the whole group of us had tears in our eyes from your story.”
“Keep sharing your experiences. I am loving reading about them. It’s as if we are still having those conversations while sitting at an outdoor table somewhere on the island” of Kauai.

Dr. Claes Wallenberg, DN (Sweden) – MKE Live Retreat Hiking Guide

“Robert is a special man that I met in Kauai, Hawaii at the MKE Live Event. And he really made an impression on me.”

Dr. Joy Schricker, DC (Vemont, USA) – MKE Live Retreat Attendee

“Robert, please be open to receive all the love and support for all the changes you made at the retreat! You gave more than you know! You offered the truth of your soul to all of us. That was HUGE!!!! You touched us all so much! Your contribution was not small, courage and vulnerability in the group allowed us all to trust and grow with you! Big Hugs, Joy”

Kajean  Secord Bennett (Michigan, USA) – MKE Live Retreat Attendee

“The Kauai Live event was truly an amazing experience and has changed me to the very core. So great to have finally have met you Robert! We have so much in common and it was wonderful to share my thoughts and experiences with you; my only regret is that I did not get to spend more time with you.”

Kay Beam (Minnesota, USA) – MKE Live Retreat Attendee

“Robert! Hope that you know how much you impacted everyone in a good way. Hope we can keep in touch and keep us posted – love to hear how your dream is coming alive.”

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