Off The Grid Hiker Interviews Rev. Robert Harrison, of COHL

When at a Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) retreat in Kauai Hawaii, Rev. Robert Harrison (V.P. of COHL Inc.) was able to meet and spent time with Claes Wallenberg, DN. Cales Wallenberg is a Doctor of Naprapathy (DN) from Sweden, an avid hiker having hiked at various locations around the world, and extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and dieting. During the MKMMA retreat, Claes was nice enough to take a group of MKMMA people on a 8 mile long hike on the Kalalau Trial, up into the mountains off of the Napali Coast. To see more about the actual hike, please visit our blog called: Hiking, Nutrition and Healthy Living.

During the 8 hour long hike, Claes and Robert got to know each other. As Claes found Robert background interesting, Claes asked Robert if he could interview him for Claes’s website, called Off The Grid Hiker (offthegridhiker.c0m). Below is the resulting interview video.

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