Master Key Master Mind Alliance Live Retreat – 2017


Between May 14 thru 19, 2017 Rev. Robert Harrison (V.P. of COHL Inc.) had the pleasure of attending the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) Live Retreat 2017, in Kauai Hawaii. It was a full 5 day event, comprised of 1/2 day training / enlightenment sessions, then 1/2 day trips around Hauai, Hawaii. The retreat also included a spiritual treasure hunt (travelling to four locations around the island), a boat cruise and dinner, a sunset beach dinner on the most western point in the United States, two beach dinners around the island, a sunset alliance group sharing session and a Hawaiian festival/dance dinner show. The retreat was enhanced by several hiking trips provided by an MKMMA graduation from 2014 (Dr. Claes Wallenberg, DN). For the hiking trip see the COHL blog called: Hiking, Nutrition and Healthy Living).

The MKMMA Live Retreat 2017 was an enhanced training session for graduates of the MKMMA course, which took place from September 2016 to March 2017. The MKMMA program is an intense life and perspective altering experience, based on the foundation of the Law of Attraction, which is the Master Keys. As a life altering experience it is difficult to explain the MKMMA course, as well as the MKMMA Live Retreat. However, it can be said that the MKMMA course is a program to repattern how you think of yourself, your belief system and the world around, all while getting in touch with your soul and your individual true purpose in life.  Robert found the MKMMA course worth far more than the effort that the program required. And as far as the MKMMA Live Retreat goes, it was the amazing icing on the lovely rich MKMMA cake. Or in other words, it was an amazing and fun filled experience. The organizers (Mark Januszewski and Davene Grant Januszewski), along with their small but dedicated team worked diligently to provide an un-surpassed level of service and quality. The event also included two guest speakers (Ms. Bethany Williams and Ms. Gail Kelly) that provided a totally different view on the overall concepts that the event encompassed. Ms. Bethany Williams is a highly success business woman, published author, TV and Radio show host, business & branding consultant (non-MKMMA member). Ms. Gail Kelly an extremely successful MLM executive (with several decades of experience), a consultant and a highly motivational speaker that utilized interesting physical/emotional exercises (like the tennis ball exercise) to solidify her presentation concepts. Both of these amazing ladies presentations were eye opening, informative and inspiring.

Throughout the week, the session activities involved presentations, lectures, exercises and fun oriented techniques to solidify the advanced MKMMA concepts being presented. All providing an experience of tremendous value. However, beyond this tremendous level of perspective shifting contribution, Robert found a far greater personal benefit. Note: Robert has attended enlightenment programs and sessions since 1980. And in his life he was met and got to know around 5 or 6 people that were extremely like minded and that he instantly felt comfortable enough to totally open up to. With the MKMMA Live Retreat, Robert met well over 60 people that provided him with that same amazing feeling. It can not be explained what it feels like to spent an entire week surrounded by people that instantly touch your heart and soul. The quality of the MKMMA founders, their staff, and the Retreat attendees was off the charts. People of great quality and integrity, that you knew totally understood you and had your back. All of this was added to that fact that the event was held in the most beautiful place on the planet, Kauai Hawaii.

Robert strongly suggests that people should consider taking the MKMMA course, it commences every September and runs thru to March with a  Live Retreat for graduates in around May/June. The MKMMA course is operated via weekly internet based webinars, with supporting manuals, assignments, attendee support groups, etc. With each yearly session attending by amazing people from a wide range of locations around the world.


Robert Harrison with Mark and Davene Januszewski, at the MKMMA Live Retreat 2017

Retreat Video Collection

Scenes from the Hotel (2 minute video)

Kauai Scenic Spots (2.5 minute video)

Dinner & Boat Cruise, past Waimea Canyon (2 minute video)

Waimea Canyon Ridge Hike (1.45 minute video)

Canyon Trail (1 minute video)

Napali Coast Hike (3.25 minute video)

Hawaiian Dancer Show (9 minute video)

Hawaiian Dancer Class (4 minute video)

Botanical Garden Tour (10 minute video)


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