Weight Lose Coffee and more!!!

Since mid January 2017, twice a day Robert Harrison V.P. of The Community of Holistic Living Inc. (E-mail: ROBERT@COHLINC.COM) has been drinking a specifically modified instant (weight loss oriented) coffee formulation. The coffee comes in a box of 24 individual foil packets and is available in one of two different formulations:  Dark Brazilian Roast or Italian Roast.

Other than drinking the weight loss coffee there has been very little changes. Robert still eats whatever and whenever he wants and enjoys snacks like ice cream. An interesting side benefit of the coffee is that it seems to have a mild appetite suppressant. The coffee provided Robert with beneficial easy to handle results over time, without any abnormal food cravings.  During Robert’s trial, he was drinking the Dark Brazilian Roast.

By 2017-05-02 Robert has lost 24 pounds.

Note: He took a break from drinking the products in June and started to gain a little weight. In July he restarted the program.

To-date (2017-08-14) Robert has lost a total of 34 pounds, from his original 220 lbs down to 186 lbs.

If you are interesting in finding out more about this coffee and other weight loss or immune boosting products, please contact Robert via his E-mail address: ROBERT@COHLINC.COM

Have a great day.

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