• Karim (Toronto, Canada) – Healthy Living Consultation

I am a cancer patient battling 2 different cancers for which I have undergone multiple surgeries and radiation therapy. Several years ago I was fortunate enough to meet with Dr. Toulina, a researcher who understands how cancer behaves. I was very impressed with her medical knowledge and also with her passion about looking at holistic healing options rather than relying on just conventional medical treatment. She took a lot of time to explain to me how our body and mind can function as a pharmacy to heal any kind of disease regardless of the outcome of medical interventions. I was very intrigued by this notion as it made a lot of sense. I have continued to take medical advice from my oncologist and other specialists but at the same time I pay a lot more  attention to my state of mind by surrounding myself with all good positive things in life. I am grateful to Dr. Toulina for her intervention in my life at a critical time which has prompted me to look into alternatives to conventional medical care as we know it in the west. Dr. Toulina has helped me tremendously in this journey and I continue to pick her brain for advice and support.


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