• Mr. Joe Eigo – Acrobatic Stunt Man – Martist Arts

Mr. Joe Eigo – is traditionally trained in gymnastics and uses these skills and others, he has learned along the way, in his professional business as a Hollywood movie stunt man, for martial arts movies. Mr. Eigo also provides training and YouTube videos on developing the skill of acrobatic flipping. In his world wide travels, Mr. Eigo has also been training in the use of crystals, for focusing universal power to provide healing. Over the years Mr. Eigo has helped individual and communities heal their issues, thru his application of channeling power and amplifying this power using rather specifically cut, high quality crystal.


Beyond Gravity with Joe Eigo:

Joe Eigo and Jackie Chan stunt team on location, movie: 80 days.

Joe Eigo side flip training tutorial 

Joe Eigo various flip training tutorial:

Joe Eigo back hand spring tutorial:

Joe Eigo videos practising:


Mr. Eigo currently lives in Alberta, Canada and travels regularly to Hollywood California, Mount Shasta California, and the Phillipines.


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