CRYOTHERAPY: Cold Air for Health Benefit Gain

As most of us living in the northern sections of North America or Europe might recall, as children we spent long hours outside playing in the cold weather without any adverse effect. Well,  science has finally caught up with what people have known for centuries, cold air is good for you.

Health Oriented Cryogenics (WHOLE BODY CRYOTHERAPY): With this type of system, a person walks into a Cryogenic chamber operating at approximately -140oC and remains there for 1 to (a maximum of) 3 minutes. The cryogenic chamber covers your body from the neck down to your toes, with your head fully exposed. The process of standing in this chamber, at this temperature, tricks the brain into thinking you are freezing to death, while you are actually totally safe. During the process, the brain starts to go into survival mode (which is it’s primary function) and sends out signals to all the various organs and systems, checking on their status. Several repeated sessions helps the brain figure out if there are any issues with any of the bodies systems. If there are issues found, the brain then triggers repair wherever possible. As well, as this analytical benefit, there are a fair number of other benefits, such as:

PHASE ONE: Blood vessels in your skin constrict forcing blood away from the epidermal (skin) layer and towards  your core. Within the core the body’s filtration system removes toxins.

PHASE TWO: After exiting the chamber, the epidermal blood vessels open up and the filtered blood flow outward providing oxygen, nutrients and enzymes.

PHASE THREE: Over the next 48 hours, the restoration process continues with reduced pain and inflammation. People have also reported weight loss, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, testosterone increase (for men), etc.

But, you might be asking yourself can I endure -140oC for 3 minutes, and this is a fair question. Let us start by saying, although it is cold, it sounds far -far worse than it actually is. When in the chamber you can rotate, thereby temporarily placing different areas of the body near the cold air jets. So the overall impact is disbursed across your entire body mass. Plus 3 minutes is a very short amount of time.

Before starting to write this blog, both Dr. Anna Toulina and Rev. Robert Harrison personally experienced this process.  And in fact, after a few sessions, Dr. Toulina asked the operator to increase the cold air output using an optional super boost air jet feature, inherent in the machine’s design. It should be noted that Rev. Harrison, having (bronchial) Asthma, has previously had issues with cold air. As such, he had minor concerns about how long he could endure the trial process. But COHL does not write about subjects unless we check it out first.  Note: As the 3 minute time was quick, and as Rev. Harrison was not breathing in the liquid nitrogen (super chilled) cold air,  he found the process invigorating, with zero negative reaction/effect. As COHL found the health benefits from this type of process worthy of the minor effort, both the founders of COHL will experience the process again.

anna-cryo-chamber-a     robert-in-chryo-2

Dr. Anna Toulina in Cryogenic Chamber    Rev. Robert Harrison in Cryogenic Chamber

It should be noted that professional athletes are using this process to assist with post athletic event repair. But this process is not just for the rich and famous athletes, who can afford their own machine. Nor is it just for an athlete that can take advantage of their clubs machine’s. With cryogenic machines becoming available, the costs of a 3 minute session is becoming extremely reasonable. The trick is to find a facility that has high quality machines, that are well maintained, and operated by a well trained professional staff. 

COHL Inc. hopes that the provided information is of assistance. And look forward to you viewing other informative COHL blogs. Best regards.

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